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Cisco Loves HCI Choice, Except When They Don’t

Late last week Nutanix officially announced support for AHV on Cisco UCS C-Series servers.  This was, unfortunately, not a joint effort between the two companies.  Nutanix has independently handled the testing themselves without the support of Cisco.  It also leaves customers with a split support model where Cisco should handle the hardware and Nutanix the … Continue reading “Cisco Loves HCI Choice, Except When They Don’t”

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NVIDIA Community Advisors (NCA)

A day late, but yesterday I received some exciting news. NVIDIA announced the founding class of their new program, NVIDIA Community Advisors (or NCA for short). What is the NCA Program you ask? I am glad you asked… The program brings together the talents of individuals who have invested significant time and resources to become experts in NVIDIA products and solutions. Together, they give the entire NVIDIA GRID ecosystem access to product management, architects and support managers to help ensure we build the right products. I am very excited about this program as I think the GPU is a critical component of a virtual workspace, be it published applications or virtual desktops. I believe these are becoming a crucial part and one day even a full requirement for enhancing and ensuring a solid end user experience and customer success. NVIDIA Grid has been a key part of my success with several recent projects for my customers. I am super proud and humbled to be including in the founding twenty members. Please read the official release on the NVIDIA blog (follow it as well for GRID information) Meet the New Members of the NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor Program Congratulations to the […]

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Avamar Instant Access Restore Fails

Instant Access is a restore method in Avamar that allows you to mount a NFS export directly from the Data Domain to a VMware host in your environment.  This is a great method when you need a restore done quickly (1-2 minutes) rather than having to wait for it to copy all the blocks to […]

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Avamar Replication

I have been troubleshooting some Avamar replication integrated with Data Domain for over a week now and have finally got to a point where I am making some progress.  While troubleshooting with EMC and my own research I have learned a lot about how Avamar replicates and what the processes under the covers are. So […]

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The Blog is Back! And I Made a Change…

It’s been a while but I finally got the blog redesigned and back up.  This has been planned for a while but it’s something that just never bubbled up on the priority list, until now.  You’ll see more content coming up again now that things are starting to settle down for me… And on that … Continue reading “The Blog is Back! And I Made a Change…”

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The VMAX3: Why Enterprise Class is Still Very Relevant

EMC, Storage, VMAX

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Announcing the Varrow Madness 2015 Keynote Speaker!


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Blueprints as Code in vRealize Automation 7 Part 2 – Adding Blueprints to Github and Setting up Jenkins

Welcome to part 2 of this 3-part series on blueprints as code in vRealize Automation 7 (vRA 7). In part 1, we walked through how to export blueprints from vRA 7. In this post we’ll discuss putting those exported blueprints into a source control system (Github) and setup our Jenkins server.  Here are links to the […]

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Double VCDX and the New VCDX-NV

NSX, vcdx, VMware

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VMworld 2014 Voting: Varrow Sessions


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Demo of EMC’s Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloud, EMC

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Announcing the Varrow Madness 2015 Keynote Speaker!


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The VMAX3: Why Enterprise Class is Still Very Relevant

EMC, Storage, VMAX

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Announcing a New Course with PluralSight! VMware NSX: Intro & Install

NSX, PluralSight, VMware

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Nutanix and Acropolis: Should VMware Be Worried?

Nutanix, VMware

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