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Cisco UCS Director: Part 4 – Workflows

In part 4 of UCS Director I am going to cover the automation features, more specifically workflows. I will also walk you through the process of creating a workflow that automates creating a new VLAN. I will apologize now for the length of this post but most of that is from all of the screen […]
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Cisco UCS Director: Part 3

It has been far too long since my last post, no real excuse for it I simply lost motivation to blog. Since my last post on UCS Director there have been two significant versions released. Review these release notes to see what’s new in each release. Cisco UCS Director Release Notes, Release 5.0 Cisco UCS […]
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Cisco UCS Director: Part 2

In Part 1 I went over the features and capabilities of Cisco UCS Director. In part 2 I am going to cover the deployment of the UCS Director Virtual Appliance into a VMware vSphere environment. The Cisco official installation guide can be found here – Being that UCS Director is distributed via a Virtual Appliance […]
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Cisco UCS Director: Part 1

Now that I have finally finished up with the CCIE DC I have time to spend on some of the new technology that I have pushed to the side in the last 6 months. I first heard of UCS Director (Cloupia at the time) about 2 years ago before Cisco acquired them. I was immediately […]
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My Journey to CCIE Data Center

I am still on cloud nine after passing the CCIE DC lab last week at RTP on my second attempt. This is my first CCIE and this certification means a lot to me. I had started down the path of CCIE RS back in 2010 but I soon realized that without extensive on the job […]
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Cisco MDS Smart Zoning

I was doing some reading this morning on the new MDS 9710 Director Class switch and came across a feature I hadn’t heard of before. The feature is called “Smart Zoning” and is a real godsend for SAN and data center administrators. Traditionally SAN admins that follow best practices follow the “single initiator”, “single target” […]
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Nexus 5500 FCoE and Jumbo MTU

I happened across an interesting scenario this morning while I was doing configuring jumbo MTU of 9216 on the Nexus 5500 switches in our lab. I wanted to enable jumbo frames and with Nexus 5500s you have to do this with a QoS policy map. Here are the steps: Create a new policy map of […]
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Cisco UCS Multihop FCoE QoS Gotcha

See my post on configuration and migration to multihop FCoE for details on my lab setup – When I first configured UCS multihop FCoE I experienced terrible SAN performance. It was so bad that it took 20 minutes to boot a single virtual machine.   I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot as my […]
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Cisco UCS FCoE Multihop Configuration and Migration

This post will walk through the configuration of FCoE multihop in UCS and cover how to migrate from traditional FC to FCoE. The diagram below is an example of the topology we have in our lab. We opted for dedicated FCoE links instead of sharing the northbound LAN uplinks. There are a few reasons for […]
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vSphere 5.1 Distributed Switch Health Check and Cisco UCS

I was doing some testing of the new vSphere 5.1 features and came across something odd with the new Distributed Switch Health Check feature with Cisco UCS. In my lab I have 4 ESXi 5.1 hosts running on older B200 M1s with VIC M81KR adaptors. On my ESXi service profiles I have 8 vNICs; 2 […]
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Cisco UCS Firmware 2.1 – New Features Overview

Cisco released UCS Firmware 2.1 last weekend with a host of new features. Along with this update the UCS Central management software was also released. This post will summarize most of the new features, I left out the less exciting/ground breaking features that most don’t care about. List of new features C-series Single Wire Management […]
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Cisco DCNM Rocks

I am not sure why I waited so long to check out DCNM but I wish I hadn’t because DNCM Rocks!! For those of you that don’t know DCNM is management software for monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting the following Cisco Nexus and MDS switches.   Nexus 7000 Series Nexus 5000 Series Nexus 3000 Series Nexus […]
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Nexus 5500 SAN Admin RBAC

It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I just haven’t had the motivation to do it. The current unified fabric project I am working on and the newly released CCIE DC has sparked a renewed interest in digging deeper into NX-OS. As...
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Custom ESXi 5 ISO for UCS, Nexus 1000v and PowerPath VE

With ESXi 5 VMware made it very easy to create custom installation ISOs. I have been doing a lot of upgrades from ESXi 4.1 in our customer sites that have UCS, Nexus 1000v and PowerPath VE so I decided to create a custom ISO that includes the current U...
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ESXi 4.1 to 5 Upgrades with VUM

I have been doing a lot of ESXi 4.1 to 5 upgrades of late and every time I tried using vCenter Update Manager I would get an incompatible driver warning for these 2 ESXi 4.1 driver packages oem-vmware-esx-drivers-scsi-3w-9xxx oem-vmware-esx-drivers-net...
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